Whitewine Vitare

CHF 21.50



VITARE, the white Italian with a strong character

The VITARE (which corresponds to the Latin verb to surround) is the white wine for special moments. Thanks to its fresh and incisive fruit, it tastes good with fish and shellfish, but also with vegetable dishes and cheese. Especially ripe soft cheeses harmonize wonderfully. For example, it tastes wonderful with Gambas y Pulpo or the confit cod fillet on the menu at OLEA. Of course, it is also suitable as an aperitif with all kinds of roasted nuts, strong cheeses or fried appetizers.

In the glass, intense sunny yellow with golden reflections shines all around. VITARE is a single varietal white wine made from the Chardonnay grape variety, which ripens in Basilicata. Originally, the Romans are said to have produced “white falanghina” from this ancient grape variety. The VITARE of the SEEDAMM PLAZA wine selection has 12% by volume and presents itself ready to be enjoyed.

Honey & delicate fruity aroma

This is what the nose says when it smells the VITARE. It is the second white wine of the SEEDAMM PLAZA Wine Sélection, the Italian. And thanks to its southern origin, Basilicata, it convinces with its strong character, mineral notes and fresh fruit.

We were able to rely on the expertise of Stefan Kümin Junior, who introduced us to this white wine with presumably Greek origins. During the selection process for the Sélection, members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the F&B and Purchasing departments were happy to choose this stand-alone white wine. The SEEDAMM PLAZA Sélection currently comprises four wines: two white and two red, or two Swiss and two Italian. They can be enjoyed in the two Restaurants OLEA and KAORI, where guests can indulge in Mediterranean dishes on the one hand and Japanese specialties on the other.

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Gebrüder Kümin Weinbau und Weinhandel AG in Freienbach, we can draw on the knowledge and advice of consummate professionals. Thus, the preliminary selection is a most fortunate coincidence for guests and hosts alike.

Das Restaurant KAORI und der Take Away Shop bleiben vom 14. Juli bis einschliesslich 12. August geschlossen.