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PRIMUM, the strong red

PRIMUM (which means the first place, at first, at the beginning) is a full-bodied wine that ideally accompanies a meal. The “powerful” jack-of-all-trades goes wonderfully with meat dishes – braised, roasted or grilled. It is also a pleasure with all pasta dishes, especially lasagna, bolognese or ravioli filled with ragout. It is a great companion to strong cheeses and dried meats such as raw ham, salami, Bündnerfleisch or bresaola.

The rich red color is a reminder that the wine was allowed to soak up plenty of warmth and sun before the grapes went from vine to mash and then to grape juice. PRIMUM is a pure Primitivo, a grape variety often found in southern Italy but originally from Croatia or Hungary. Experts do not fully agree on this. Our PRIMUM has 13.5% volume percent.

Full-bodied, deep red, round and velvety.

This is the PRIMUM, the red Italian in the SEEDAMM PLAZA Wine Sélection. It is a wonderfully mature red wine from the Basilicata region. A rather small wine-growing region for Italy, where soil, climate and weather are particularly good for the grape variety. The Bisceglia winery in Lavello (in northeastern Basilicata) is justifiably proud of this “strong” all-rounder. The nose tells us wild berries and cherries, this in surprising compression. On the palate, the full concentration of fruit, the velvety mouthfeel and the soft tannins that promise content and maturity delight.

The SEEDAMM PLAZA Wine Sélection was selected by a team of professionals and wine lovers. This on the occasion of the new gastronomy, which opened in the fall of 2019 with the two Restaurants OLEA and KAORI. The Sélection includes two white wines and two red wines, two Swiss and two Italian. Members of the board of directors, management, F&B and purchasing were present for the elaborate selection. Stefan Kümin Junior, winemaker and wine merchant from Freienbach, whose company has been closely associated with SEEDAMM PLAZA for over 20 years, was on hand to assist.