Whitewine Omnis

CHF 19.50



OMNIS, the regional white

OMNIS (which means all, all the time) is the ideal aperitif wine. It harmonizes with fish dishes and Asian food thanks to its freshness, its fruity citrus notes and its tiny trace of residual sweetness. Yes, and it also goes well with cheese or meat fondue or an uncomplicated summer dinner on the terrace at sunset… because next spring is already waiting around the corner.

The bright yellow with minimal green sheen will make any glass shine. OMNIS is a refined assemblage VdP (Vin de pays Suisse) of Müller-Thurgau, Blanc de Noir and Muscat with 12.5% volume percent and in full drinking maturity.

Tangy, pleasing and full of citrus notes.

Right, that’s the description of our “own” white wine OMNIS. Not that we have now planted a vineyard in front of SEEDAMM PLAZA. Rather, the winemaker Stefan Kümin Junior from Freienbach has nurtured this white wine, which is delicious at almost any time of day. This is because we wanted our own wines for the gastronomy at SEEDAMM PLAZA, the two Restaurants OLEA and KAORI, which will open in 2019: the SEEDAMM PLAZA Sélection.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Gebrüder Kümin Weinbau und Weinhandel AG, we have interlocutors who understand us and whom we trust. The goal was to find four wines that would become the SEEDAMM PLAZA Sélection. Members of the Board of Directors, the Management and the Food & Beverage and Purchasing departments got to work early on. The task was as attractive as it was demanding, because the SEEDAMM PLAZA wine list is quite impressive.

The Sélection SEEDAMM PLAZA was designed to enable our guests to make their wine selection quickly, if desired. The aim was to select two whites and two reds and at the same time two Swiss and two Italians. The four selected wines should simply be a pleasure to drink, wines that one remembers with pleasure and that one tastes again more often.