Redwine Tempus

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TEMPUS, the red wine of Eastern Switzerland

The TEMPUS (which means time or period) has lain a good while in the oak barrel to reach its fullness and elegance. It goes well with cold plates of meat, cheese, pickles and spicy bread, with roasted or braised meats, as well as with hearty vegetarian dishes; the food may be intense in flavor with this wine.

Full and yet still transparent, this red wine from Eastern Switzerland shines in the glass. Something festive emanates from it, anticipation of warm and fruity flavors in the mouth. The TEMPUS is an assemblage VdP (Vin de pays Suisse) of Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Regent, Garanoir and Piroso with 13% volume percent and in full drinking maturity.

Elegant, warm and an abundance of dark berries

That’s how winemaker and wine merchant Stefan Kümin Junior describes TEMPUS, as the SEEDAMM PLAZA’s red house wine from Eastern Switzerland is called. Refined and (almost) always a good choice. It is part of the quartet of wines specially selected for the two Restaurants OLEA and KAORI. The TEMPUS offers a soft attack that soon develops full-bodied and with a fine melt. Thanks to the aging in oak barrels, fine tannins flatter, which together with the elegant acidity and good structure make this red wine a great drinking pleasure.